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Translation Services

Sooner or later, anyone seeks to get something translated. Rarely we can do it, especially if the translation has to look professional. That’s when we seek for the help of experts. Here we offer you a fast and quality translation of any kind of documents. We hire experts to provide the best online translation services to our customers.

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Certified Translator

If you are planning to move to another country for a living or studying there, you will want your personal documents translation. Being highly important, it requires more than just a simple translation. At our website, you will get a certified translation of all your documents and be sure that they will be secured.

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Since the professional translation requires perfect knowledge of the foreign language, most of the people seek help with proofreading. If you have already translated a paper by yourself, but aren’t sure whether it’s 100% correct, get help from our expert editors and translators. We guarantee you the best results at a reasonable price!

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If you have the app or software intended also for foreign markets or the game that you’d love to see spreading, or even a personal webpage that you want to make more popular abroad, then you require a professional localization of it! We will adapt the content in such a way to help you to succeed with users and customers world-wide!

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We are proud to offer our services to companies of all sizes. We worked with multinationals, small companies, governmental organizations, start-ups and everything between them. Himalayan Translations works also with students, expatriates and individuals. You may require your birth certificate to be officially translated, or simply wish to make your projects personally available to people elsewhere.

You may not know what you can expect if you have never used a translation service before. Fortunately, always on hand is our friendly team. We will treat you as the valued customer you are when you place your order. We use not only human translation, but also human customer service!

We are delighted to report that many of our customers return to us time and time again. As their testimonials show, they are impressed by our consistent professionalism, work ethic, and commitment to delivering on time. We have steadily built an outstanding reputation as an online professional translation agency over the years, and are now ranked highly as a translation service company.

Regardless of your project’s size, we will take your needs into consideration and produce fine-tuned text to ensure that your message fits perfectly to your target group. Our translation agency has various pricing structures for bloggers, business owners and those with specialist technical background needing the services of a translator. If you need a translation service company, Himalayan Translations should be your first choice. It will serve everybody.

You may have seen that we are not the cheapest professional translation agency in the world if you have searched other translation services. For a good reason – our services are simply better than you can find in other places.

We only use professional translators and writers who speak English, which means that we always deliver top quality translation. Moreover, before we start the project, you will know exactly how much you will pay. Please visit the homepage for a simple calculator, check the cost and place your order. No hidden extras are available. The values of honesty and transparency support our translation agency.

We use a classified price model to select the best service for your requirements. We advise our Basic Service, which is only $0.06 per word, for blog posts, user reviews and general everyday content. Use our Professional Tier Service, a great value at $0.07 per word for the location, business documentation and product descriptions.

Finally, we offer a Premium service at a rate of $0.09 per word to those who require a patent, medical report or any similarly technical translation. This price model enables you to choose your project with an informed budget. You’ll always get human translation, regardless of your budget; we never use machines!

If you need an enterprise that works on a large range of budgets with customers, Himalayan Translations is the perfect choice.

We only use high quality human translation at Himalayan Translations. We currently employ more than 30 permanent translation and editing staff and around 200 freelancers selected by hand. In more than 100 countries, our translators live and work. In recognition of their dedication and expertise, they receive a competitive pay rate. Several years in the industry have passed and hundreds of customers have been offering translation services. A trial project must be completed by all applicants to our translation service company and their efforts will be carefully examined by our team before the translator can undertake any project.

Translation is not simply about transposing words into another language ; often, if they are to complete the draft accordingly, a translator will need specialist background knowledge. That’s why we have a strict selection process with our translation agency.

We were privileged to work in dozens of countries with many official entities and received many positive feedback on our translation services. You can rest assured that you work together with a genuinely professional translation agency when you entrust your project to us.

We are a truly multifaceted translation company. We have the correct translator for the job whatever kind of document you need to translate. Our staff can translate websites, software, apps, business documents, technical guides and theses, book manuscripts, white papers and voiceover scripts and even video games. We have access to the following services: audio and voiceover scripts.

We are a professional translation company and therefore understand how much our customers depend on us. The official document is accompanied by an affidavit when you receive a translation. This affidavit sets out the correctness of the translation and states for whom it was written when the translation was done.

Whichever kind of translation services you require, you can rely on our service provider to ensure a correct and accurate human translation.