Academic Proofreading


We also offer academic revision services to academics in addition to translation services. Our editors help you to ensure you do not have spelling, grammar or formatting errors in the academic documents that you have translated. You will also make sure that you also meet all technical requirements. Reading services for all languages are available.

Academic Proofreading Service Options

You can simply add to the proofreading services upon ordering if you already use our services for your academic papers, articles, study guides, textbooks, etc. You can simply contact the customer service if you have already made the order, and they will arrange to add the service to your order. You can only place an order with us for proofreading services if you have a document that we or another service provider has already translated.

Why Use Proofreading Services For Translated Academic Documents?

You know how important it is, when creating, distributing, selling or sharing academic documents, to ensure that your content is free of unpleasant spelling, grammar, or construction errors. Even the smallest error can lead to the academic world to a high level of credibility. After all, how can you trust that if your documents contain technical errors, the facts will be correct? Can you imagine working hard on an important project or academic document just because people elsewhere have rejected it on account of a grammatical mistake? You can make sure that your document is ready for the first time by means of our proofreading services.

How Does it All Work?

As stated above, if you order the correction along with the translation services you can simply read the editing after translating the document before it is delivered. If you have additional proofreading requirements, please let us know when you place your order. If you want an independent revision service to order, simply order the translation document together with the original and arrange for us to receive it. Both editors need to ensure that they can carry out their work correctly. It will be submitted to you once your document is complete. Any modifications or corrections made will also be notified to you.

Why Doesn’t my Translator Proofread as They go?

It is usually a bad idea for the translator to read and edit a document. You can find orthographies, grammar and other like errors in the second set of eyes. This is less likely for the translator of a document than for a revisor who only aims in identifying and correcting errors.

Get Academic Content Proofreading Services Today

If you are preparing to order translation services, do not forget to use editing as an add-on. You’ll be happy you did. If you have a document that needs correction, you may place your order here today or contact customer assistance for help.