Students, designers, instructor(s), publishers, textbook publishers and others from the field of research and study are happy to offer academic translation services. Our certified professional translators will work with you to translate your academic documents to almost every language.

Academic Translation Services For Students And Researchers

Have you ever found what you knew would be the perfect research paper or article you conducted, only to find it written in a language you do not realize? By translating scholarly materials into their mother language, we can help students and researchers all over the world. Likewise, we can help you by translating this document into another language if you have a paper or an article published in your own languages, which will reach more people through your work.

Translation Services For Curriculum Designers And Instructors

One task faced by educators and curricula designers is to properly educate people who are not native to their languages. To educate someone successfully needs patience, sensitivity to culture and the right material. We will be glad to help you with the translation of tests, tests and workbooks. Our translators ensure that such translations are made in a culturally sensitive way and not only accurate. We are happy to be involved in providing university translation services for teachers, ESL professionals and many others.

Translation Services For Study Guide And Textbook Publishers

Would it not be nice for schools, teachers and students around the world to offer your textbooks and study guides? This can be helped by our translators. You can translate your materials into various languages with you. We never translate blindly, as ever. We take account of culture, contexts, and significance, so that you do not have to worry or lose the information that you try to distribute unintentionally.

How Our Translation Services Perform

It’s very straightforward. You submit a request and upload the material you would like to have translated. We find the most qualified translator for you, who then contacts you to clarify all the information. We will put together a team of translators and a project manager to work out the best way to do it and keep things up with them for larger projects.

What Makes Our Academic Translating Services Stand Out?

First and foremost, the translators we employ are extremely selected. It is not enough for the translators we use to speak and write in a specific language to understand the culture of the persons who speak the languages. It is not sufficient to be able to simply translate from language to language. One must be in a position for effective communication. In the academic world where understanding is very important. This is particularly true. Our translators need to be experienced for several years. They must be certified and have a proven record of successful academic translations.

No Translation Project is Too Big or Too Small

It does not matter if you only have a 200-word document for translation or a 5000-word academic journal article. We will put the best and brightest translators on the job for you. If you have an academic document which has not been specifically mentioned in this report, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are absolutely sure that we can help you. If you are preparing to launch an academic project and would like an international audience to be reached as soon as possible, please let us know. From the planning stage, we can assist you.

How Academic Customers Can Help Ensure The Success of Their Projects

As our customer, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get the best results possible. Follow these steps and we will be able to meet your needs:

  • Know the objectives you wish to achieve

  • Communicate with us on who your students or consumers are and what there needs are

  • Upload materials promptly

  • Reply to questions and requests from your translators and project managers as quickly as possible

  • Provide proof of ownership of materials when requested

  • Review any materials we provide to you and provide any feedback as quickly as possible

  • Inform us of any change in requirements

  • Keep your contact information up to date

  • Let us know of any questions or concerns as soon as they arise

Remember that the more information we have – the better we are able to meet your needs. Customers who ordered from us are usually pleasantly surprised with the results they get.

Let’s Get Started

Contact customer service today, so we can begin to meet your academic translation needs.