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A children’s TV show in the United States – Sesame Street 47 years ago. 47 years ago. It was an immediate hit, not just numbers and letters but important lessons in life were taught to children. The TV show is now broadcast in more than 100 countries and is translated into mother tongues.

And not the first Sesame Street to be internationally distributed. Films were already translated into foreign languages by subtitles or voice-overs, and sometimes they looked a little strange-lips not synchronized with those words.

Books, fiction and non-fiction have been traduced for years in foreign languages and are currently still being traduced.

Translations have been common for many years in the arts and literature. As art and books are still created, translations are always required of native speakers. Not only is the literal translation of words, conversations, song lyrics and so on a difference between mediocre and exceptional translation. It is found in a tractor’s ability for the purpose of the original piece to convey meaning, nuances, and emotion.

Only the country for which a book is traduced can translate meaning together with words if a translator comes from this country. This is why we only provide the most accurate book translation services by using native speakers.

Examples of Art and Literature Translations We Perform Every Day
Our customers continue to recommend our service to our peers and colleagues. Our translations are in high demand. Our professional linguists translate the following during any given day:
  • Books – textbooks, fiction and non-fiction books

  • Plays – so that they may be performed locally and studied by high school and college students

  • Short Films and documentaries

  • Full-Length Movies

  • TV series and documentaries

  • Website videos

  • Song lyrics

  • Website content for authors, composers and designers who want an international reach for their products and services.

Our customers range from leading publishers we have ongoing agreements with persons with video, film, songs, books, and screenplays self-created. Whoever the customer is, every project receives the same high expertise. When an order is placed, an educational and career background native translator is located to offer the customer stellar translation work. And there we don’t stop.

Quality Control

When completing a translation project, a second set of eyes to look through is always required. After the original translator has completed, the texts are sent to another mother tongue to look again. We want to be sure that the translation is not only accurate but actually expresses the author’s intention, in tone and in the subject matter. We notify the client that the part is ready to download only when the review is complete.

The Client Has the Final Say

Our policy is that no customer will ever receive a final product that he or she is not satisfied with. We ask the customer to check the text or anybody else who knows the language to review it. Any part of a product can be reviewed and reworked.

Fast Turnaround and Reasonable Pricing

Customers with urgent deadlines find us always able to meet them as we took the time to collect employees from all academic and professional backgrounds for fast and top quality translations, regardless of what industry.

You can find your worldwide audience when we are translating for you, whether you’re a major publisher or a solo publisher with books, songs or other artistic tasks

Place an inquiry right now – we can have a translator ready to go within an hour.