Birth Certificates


Birth certificates are legal documents to be issued in many circumstances. Only a few of the following are:

  • To prove citizenship

  • To apply for many positions

  • To qualify for public benefits

  • To register for school

  • To obtain a driver’s license

  • To get married and sometimes to get divorced

  • To obtain a passport

  • To prove age

When a citizen of one country resides in another country, many of these circumstances arise and agencies in the host country require a native language birth certificate. So, before establishing residence in this other country, it is always wise to have this translated.

Birth Certificates Must Be “Official”

The traducer who completes this task does not necessarily have to have any type of’ certification’ to trad when legal documents are translated. In most countries, translators are not certified. The method of certifying a document as a birth certificate is to prepare an affidavit stating the correct translation when the translation has been completed and for whom the translation has been prepared.

Any Type of Translation is Available

An affidavit shall be issued to all legal documents translated by The Word Point. The affidavit shall be accepted as an appropriate “certification” of the document by all public and private organisations.

If You Need a Birth Certificate Translation

The process is very straightforward. We require the completion of an order form and a certified birth certificate to be uploaded. We have very reasonable prices. Once you are payed for the certificate, we will assign a translator who is a mother-tongue speaker of the target language. You’ll have them if you need several translations. An individual native from each target country will complete each translation.

Much More Than Legal documents

Word Point offers all kinds of translations to customers: medical, legal, technical, industrial, commercial, personal, artistic and amusement translations. Even politicians have used our services when they want to speak in their mother tongue. These translations are, in all cases, used by field experts in the target country.

Whatever your need; whatever your urgency, we can meet that need – no exceptions.

Whether your language translation need is small or large, TheWordPoint is always there to assist you. 

Our company assists people with professional translations from other countries. For all document translations, we only use professional human translators. Every translator only translates into their mother tongue. It’s a rule. We care very much about quality and only employ the best available translators.