How to Create an Effective Multilingual Content Strategy

Your content marketing strategy is the basis for digital marketing. Everyone needs to have a strategic plan to produce and publish marketing content and digital presence, irrespective of how large or small.

10 Examples of Eponyms in the English Language

What is an eponymic example? The Italian author, Machiavelli, was referred to in this sentence by the word ‘ Machiavellian.” Thanks to its Machiavelliian antiquity, Joe received the promotion which he didn’t earn.’ This is an eponym. This is an eponym. What’s an equivalent? It is a word from a person or a place’s own name. Words with the same name can be based on real people and fictional places

The Word Point is Recognized by Clutch for Outstanding Accuracy in Translation Services

The Word Point is an innovation specialist, and we wish we had the translation industry revolutionized, as we know it.

5 Ways Cultural Values Impact Marketing Ethics

Culture is the combination of a collective of values, cuisine, beliefs, achievements, traditions and institutions. Culture can be possessed by people of the same race or religion living in the same geographical region or by any group who share the above-mentioned values, beliefs, traditions, etc.

Lost in Translation : 6 Embarrassing Mistakes to Learn Form

An old joke is that of a monk who lives in a monastery and spends his days translating old texts. He has been doing this throughout his life, living under the very “restrictive” rules of monastic life. Then he gives a tormented shout one day when he is working, which can be heard for milles. “Oh no! Oh no! The word was celebrating! The word was celebrating!’

How to Protect Your Brand with Trademark Translation

What is the definition of a trademark? There can be a lot of your trademark. A trademark translation may be a symbol, design element or other characteristic feature that identifies your products and services solely as your own. The brands, brand names, logos, designs, taglines and other visual elements, which is unique to your company, may therefore be used for trademarks.

3 Reasons Why Language Translation is Important for Mass Media

It is the responsibility of the mass media to cover and share news from all over the world. It is definitely not easy to communicate major messages with very large crowds, and many factors contribute successfully to that. One of them is certainly translation

The Difference between Transcription and Translation in Language

You may have heard some people talk about translations or confuse them with transcriptions if you are concerned about translations. These two words may sound very similar, but in fact they have nothing to do with each other.

The Relationship Between Globalization and E-commerce

The global market is constantly changing and requires business flexibility. The problems of globalisation, in terms of brand recognition and global viability, prove to be a key factor.

Clutch Announces Its Top B2B Global Leaders - The Himalayantranslations is on That List

As an international translation agency, The Word Point has been working for several years in leading international companies and companies of all kinds and sizes with top quality translation and localization services. We have now gained a reputation for superior products and services on the list of world leaders in the field of