In the English-speaking world in 1998 PayPal began as a payment processing company. The company has since expanded its operations and services to more than 200 countries and now accepts 25 currencies. It has a complex infrastructure for its operational website which has been traduced in nearly as many languages as the number of countries it is active in.

PayPal is just one example of the global market reach of business and finance. These agencies locate their operations, policies, marketing and conformity requirements as they move into global markets. For success it is vital to require niche professionals from every country in which a company moves. This includes translations and training / career expertise in specific company niches.

The Expertise that The Word Point Brings to the Table

While these are our main activities, we do not simply offer translation and localization services. Any translator we assign to a task or project also plays a secondary consultative role, ensuring that language, views and other cultural aspects are respected locally and that the enterprise is established according to local legislation and legislation.

We can frequently assign more than one of our experts to a project for business, financial and translation services. For example, a banking institution that wishes “to establish a shop” in a foreign country must also deal with the laws and regulations of that country and ensure that all its policies, practices and procedures are complied with. For that reason, we frequently assign niche and legal expertise to translators. This ensures perfect merger between translation and location.

Types of Financial Translation Services We Offer

Financial services from Word Point include work for banks, ad accounting brokerage and other financial institutions. Here are some of the typical financial projects for banking and finance organisations:

  • Shareholder Contracts and Agreements

  • Stock and bond Research

  • IPO’s

  • Investor Reports

  • Locally Required Financial Reports

  • Financial Statements

  • Quarterly and Annual Reports

  • Insurance Policies and Claims Communication

  • M & A Litigation

  • Prospectuses

  • Underwriting

  • Mortgage Contracts and Leases

  • Board Meeting Minutes and Reports

International investment has become an enormous translation area. Such legal agreements and contracts are now an important part of our expert translators ‘ work. In addition, any time in one country an individual or company wants to buy property in another country, there is a lot of translation work to be done. This is done quickly and impeccable by the Word Point.

In the case of frequent reporting and other graphics, they are prepared to conform to the local people’s ability to understand and interpret them.

Our Process

We conduct careful and thorough discussions with the client when any business or financial / investment firm contacts us for translation work. For our translators it is important to have the documentation presented for translation as much detail as possible. This is even more critical in the case of financial documents.

During the translation and localisation process, we keep in touch with our customers. Often our professionals need clarification or further questions. Our objective is to produce perfect documents, and our aim is to do everything we need to satisfy our customers.

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