Certified Translation

It really is quite simple:

You need a certified translation.

Himalayan Translations does certified translations.

Questions you might have:

What is a certified translation?

Simply put, a certified translation means that the material has been accurately translated and nothing altered from the source document. It is a true and accurate rendering of the original document.

Why is a certified translation required?

A translation needs to be certified to ensure that the document has not been forged. A 3rd-party translation service provider (e.g., Himalayan Translations) validates the authenticity of the translation with no alterations.

Who requires certified translations?

U.S. Immigration (USCIS), U.S. federal and state agencies, courts, academic institutions, businesses & corporations, lawyers.

What is the process of getting a certified translation?

When you need a certified translation, call Himalayan Translations, and provide us with the documents required for certification and the required delivery date. We do the rest.

We certify that we have translated the material accurately according to the original document and have altered nothing from the source document. We deliver your certified translation either in hard copies when time is not a factor or as a PDF if immediate delivery is required. Certified translation does not necessarily mean using a “stamp”.

You need a company whom you can trust with such important documents—documents which greatly impact your future—and on whom you can rely to provide you with everything required for certified translation. Himalayan Translations has been assisting clients for over 10 years. Certified by Himalayan Translations means something: we have our nearly a decade’s reputation to stand behind that statement.

We guarantee our work. We relieve your worries and provide needed reassurance. We make your project worry-free.

We take your business and present it—word perfect—to the world.

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