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Himalayan Translations Cookie Policy
This policy is needed to inform customers that our website uses cookies, web beacons, and other technologies that store your personal information. They help us provide you with a better overall experience on our site and may be used for certain advertising. To learn more about these technologies keep reading this Cookie Policy.
Functions of Cookies and Other Technologies
We use different types of cookies and other technologies for a variety of purposes: (1) to improve the performance of our site and apps; (2) to provide you with advertisement that might be of interest to you. Also, cookies can be divided into two categories. Some of them will be stored in your browser only during your session on our site/app and other cookies are permanent (i.e., persistent) and are used to remember you when you return. It guarantees that our customers will receive only positive customer experience. You have the right and the ability to block or delete cookies from your browser at any time. However, you should understand that disabling cookies will have a negative impact on your browser`s work on our site.
Your Information Security
We do have security measures in place to prevent access to our cookies by unauthorized third parties.
Our Service Providers
We do work with various third parties that provide us with certain services. They may include customer relations, our email campaigns, payment processing, etc. These parties are authorized by us to place cookies in your browser or on your device (third-party cookies), and these providers may collect some data to identify your device, your IP address, etc. However, these services are bound by this cookie policy as well.
Defining Cookies, Web Beacons, and Other Technologies
Cookies: These are small text files that are placed in your browser’s and device’s memory when you access websites. They allow these websites to recognize and remember your browser and device. There are different types of cookies:
  • Persistent Cookies are stored on your device even after the end of your session. They contain data about your previous action on the site.
  • Session Cookies are stored on your device only during your session and disappear afterwards. Their purpose is to help the website provide you with top-notch experience. These cookies help you access all the information on the site, participate in activities etc.
  • First-Party Cookies are placed by the site you are visiting or app you are using
  • Third-Party Cookies are placed by third-party service providers, authorized by the site owners.
Web Beacons: These are small graphic images that may be included on our site or app to work with our cookies to identify users, returning users, and user activity on our site/app. Other Technologies: There are related technologies that operate in all browsers. These technologies are not used by us to store any information for the purposes of advertising to you.
Our Purpose for Using Cookies (and Other Technologies)
In general, our website/app needs cookies to work properly, so that you can perform functions when you visit or use our services, and so that we can provide you with targeted advertising, based upon your behavior on our site. We do use all types of cookies and technologies listed above. Here is a summary of our purposes for using these technologies:
  1. Critical/Essential: Some of these technologies are required for our site/app, etc to function properly. They allow people to access our sites, apps, and services; they can also target unusual behavior and help prevent fraud and enhance security; they also allow users to utilize such functions as ordering services, accessing shopping cars, saving previous searches, etc.
  2. Performance Assessment: We also use these technologies to evaluate the performance of our site, apps, and other functions, as well as to perform analytics. These analytics allow us to gather data about users` behavior on the website and help us improve our site/app content and services.
  3. User Functionality: We want our users to have the best experience possible. Cookies and other technologies identify our users when they access our site and keep track of their preferences and their past behavior. This allows us to present our users with content and advertisements that they will find relevant and valuable.
  4. Delivering Targeted Content and Advertising: Both first-party and third-party cookies will deliver content and advertising, based on individual users’ behavior. We do track user access and response to the content and advertisements with which they are presented.
Important Note: We do not collect personal information or data without the consent of the user. Our collection of such information, including exactly how and when it is collected, is publicized only by a disclosure on our site. Any user can withdraw consent for personal information to be collected or stored. However, when that consent is withdrawn, we cannot guarantee that all the features on our website will be available.
Authorized Third-Party Service Providers and Their Use of Cookies (and Other Technologies)
We contract with third parties for services and we authorize them to place cookies, web beacons, or other technologies that store information on our site. They may assist in improving functionality of the website and delivering content and advertising to users. Some service providers also conduct analytics for us. They collect aggregate and anonymous data about the use of our site, app and other services, tools, and provide that information to us so that we can improve our site and our users` experience. During this process no personal information is collected. Any third-party service provider that has access to users` personal information is a subject to confidentiality agreements. Our privacy policy, and other legal restrictions that prevent it from using or sharing that information for anything other than the purposes of collection. Non-unauthorized third parties that may have advertising or links on our site are allowed to use cookies, web beacons, or any other tracking technologies. And these third parties may not collect personal information while a user is on our site. Should a user link to a third-party site, then our privacy and cookie policy no longer apply. Users link to third-party sites at their own risk.