Divorce Certificates


Not long ago, a woman who resided abroad in Poland some years ago contacted us. She emigrated with an American company to Poland for a job there. Along the way, she was in love and now was planning to marry. When she and her fiance went to get their marriage certificate, they asked for an American divorce decree on the appeal. She could produce it, of course. Sadly, because it was written in English, that was not acceptable. The Polish agency insisted on the Polish translation.

She knew who to deal with because her company often turned to us for translations. The job was done and the translation was returned to her hands overnight. She uploaded her American decree to our site, and we had an awaiting translator–a legally-based Polish speaker. The translation of the divorce decree was in her hands in hours, she got a marriage certificate, and the wedding was carried out according to her plans. The Word Point brings you a happy ending.

When Amateurs Are Not Enough

The quality of their output is certainly mixed and thousands of translation services are available there. Some services employ college students without a background in their niches; others may employ freelancers and do not assign trainers on the base of their freelancers ‘ professional backgrounds. For divorce certificate translation, legal background is required. And, given that in most countries there are very few legally binding regulations on translation, services do not have to meet high standards.

The Word Point sets its own high standards and has raised the bar to comply with other services. Based on their knowledge, our translators for divorce are carefully chosen and only tasks are given for translating documents into their mother tongue. Naturally, they also have fluency of language in the original divorce decree language. The divorce certificate is to be translated from German into Japanese by a Japanese native who speaks German.

Quality, Service, Reliability for Reasonable Prices

We can, and we provide all of them. Our translators, who are the best in the translation sector, guarantee quality. Our Customer Service department is available 24/7 to receive urgent orders and answer any questions, regardless of the time limit. We never missed a customer deadline, we are proud of that record.


All our customers receive an offer for personal prices based on translation details. We do not set a single flat price, unlike other services. We request customer submissions to analyze their divorce certificates. We fix a price depending on the complexity, duration and date. During the process, the price quoted will never change.

If you need a divorce decree translation or that of any other personal or professional pieces, we are your top choice.