e-Learning Localization

If you are a global company operating in multiple languages and have employees and clients native to countries outside , you already understand that the way training is developed and delivered has changed. Interpro will work with you to ensure that the multilingual training you provide is of the highest quality and is consistent, no matter which languages your target audience speaks.

Today, companies are working smarter by blending self-paced eLearning, online classrooms, and mobile-based education to ensure high levels of productivity and engagement, as well as to reduce the overall cost of training and downtime. Deploying this curriculum in the native languagesof course participants will increase retention, facilitate communication, and provide for an overall improved experience.

Multilingual eLearning Delivered

Himalayan Translations has comprehensive, multilingual production capabilities for clients who want to create multilingual versions of eLearning modules, interactive assessments, training materials, webinars/webcasts, product demos, or virtually any combination of content, audio, and visual components.

Our eLearning translation services include:

  • Localization and adaptation of online and interactive content
  • Script transcription and translation
  • Assessment and quiz localization
  • Professional studio voice-over recording using native speaking talent
  • Onscreen mouse movement reproduction
  • Multilingual content synching and course publishing
  • Graphics localization
  • Comprehensive multimedia authoring
  • Full validation of target-language modules ensuring linguistic as well as functional precision

eLearning Localization Workflow:

  1. Discuss your goals and timeline.
  2. Help you fill out a form for target countries, specific format and features, timeline—anything and everything that helps deliver exactly what you anticipated.
  3. Analyze your files.
  4. Assemble the best team for your targeted countries
  5. Create a glossary specific to your project
  6. Keep you posted on the project’s progress
  7. Deliver on time, within budget: every client’s dream.


Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia from 1672-1725, wanted a Window on the West, so had St. Petersburg built on the swampland of the north. And, he wanted his new city to be involved in the shipping industry, so spent a lot of time and energy learning about ship building from the Dutch. When he commanded that technical translations of ship building be done from Dutch into his language, several translators committed suicide because the task was so monumental.

Why? Because the only written language during Peter the Great’s time was Old Church Slavonic—the language of the Church. There were no terms for ships or any type of technical terms for ship building.

We all know what translation is: taking text from the source language and putting it into the target language. But it is more than finding an exact or similar word from one language to another. If there are no words to match the same source word meaning, what does a translator do?

Think about snow. Countries where snow doesn’t exist might have only one or two words for snow: the Inuit have 100 terms to describe types of snow*.

Or rain. There are many more terms for rain in England and New Zealand than in Arabic: misting, mizzling, drizzling, pelting, luttering, plothering…

What about idioms? There are thousands in every language. Translating idioms is monumentally difficult: to be able to render not only the meaning but the cultural nuance means that professional linguists must know both source and target languages intricately.

There is no room for machine translation: you need professional linguists.

Localization (L10n) 

To be succinct: localization means adapting a product or service to a particular language, country, specific locale. For example: en_GB to es_ES (English in Great Britain to Spanish in Spain) or fr_CA to de_CH (Canadian English to Swiss German).

It is not only the specific language locale but also all the formatting of currency, time, date, paper size, etc.

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No other field demands as much linguistic and subject matter expertise to responsibly translate than the Life Sciences. Translations ABC Life Sciences Division provides premier localization services – delivering access to the global market.