As our world becomes smaller, the amount of document translation work increases daily but time allotted to accomplish your work decreases.

Globalization means more global business –> more global business means more translation of documents –> more document translation means MORE WORK!

You need one company—one go-to company—to meet all your document translation needs.

You need a one-stop global document translation shop.

Welcome. You have arrived. Just one phone call, one form to fill out [we will do it together] to identify what you need. Language(s), countries, format, timeframe, etc: our form covers everything—yes, everything—that we should know to deliver exactly what you need.

Need help with?

  • correct dialect for target audience?
  • reasonable timeline for project planning?
  • correct formatting?
  • glossary?
  • DTP?
  • certification?
  • notarization?

No need to panic because we have got you covered. With over 27 years of translating documents, we have met every kind of language combination, format and deliverable you might require. Notarized and certified translations: we do that, too.

Himalayan Translations  never compromises quality, but we do deliver as quickly as humanly possible. (No edited machine translations used by us!) How do we do this? We employ a translation methodology that increases efficiency and a glossary (yours or one we compile for you) that increases accuracy, proficiency, and consistency throughout your documentation.

And, our DTP professionals—2nd to none—present you with a completely finished product, done to the specifications you require. No need for you to have the dreaded last-minute panic because of an incorrect deliverable.

Our professionals prove over and over that you are a professional.

Let’s talk numbers:

  1. Himalayan Translations  has over 2,000 qualified, professional linguists in our database—professional linguists with advanced degrees and/or certification who have gone through a thorough and rigorous vetting process by Himalayan Translations .
  2. Over 150 language combinations. You need it: we can do it.
  3. 100s of top-quality, on-time, within budget projects delivered to 100s of satisfied and relieved customers.
  4. 10 years of doing it right: Himalayan Translations  has been delivering the highest-quality work possible for almost three decades.

7,500+ pages of time-sensitive translation

You are one phone call away from handing over hours of worry and work to the Himalayan Translations professionals:

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No other field demands as much linguistic and subject matter expertise to responsibly translate than the Life Sciences. Translations ABC Life Sciences Division provides premier localization services – delivering access to the global market.