Finance Proofreading


Contracts, reportings and financial statements are just some of the types of documentation which must be interpreted if enterprises and financial institutions are either present in a foreign country or have businesses in other countries with individuals or organizations. In addition, many of these documents have legal consequences and it is essential, therefore, that the translated countries are entirely correct.

Getting to Impeccable Accuracy

Translators are human, of course, and people make errors from time to time–misuse of words, verb tenses, punctuation and the structure of a sentence. Such mistakes can change the meaning of the context, not to mention make a stellar impression on others, on rare occasions. We urge those who need business and financial documents to have the documents retrieved through our proofreading services to undergo another layer of review.

Our Proofreaders

Proofreaders who work for The Word Point are translators-native speakers with professional expertise in both grammar and composition and with career or academic background in the areas of their work in translation. They are also fluent in the original languages of the papers to be translated. Since our sectors and linguistic services are multiple translators, they alternate between translation, location and correction.

The same person who has conducted the translation is not a proofreader if the proofreading is ordered by a customer. This allows us to guarantee the translation is sound – two experts looked at the documents.

Ordering Business/Financial Proofreading

You can simply add our revision service to your original order and receive a price quote if you have signed a contract with us for translation services.

You may order only proofreading services if your documents have been translated elsewhere. In this instance, the document and the translated copy will have to be uploaded in its original language. This allows your editors to make the necessary comparison. We will have an initial look and give you a price quote when you upload your document. Usually we are able to have those documents in the hands of an evidencer within one hour once you have accepted that quote and payments.

Fast, Reliable and Reasonable

We are renowned for speed and precision. We will meet this emergency, even if it is necessary to assign more than a proofreader to the project, without sacrificed quality.

Our pricing is based on document type, length and time limits. In every event, our customers are given a price quote before completing an order, and when the price quote is firm, we do not add hidden charges.

Our confidence and expertise is best demonstrated by the fact that our customers always return to the services of translation and revising. They also advise us on their employees and business contacts.

One of our satisfied customers can become you. Just call or complete the order form and upload your documents to one of our Customer Service agents. We will assign the perfect reviser and do the job.