This is why our experts work in every possible format, and we meet all requirements for translation. So, send it over, whichever piece you have. Here you can find some common formats with which we normally work. They are not confined to those on this page, however. At the same time, we have very large teams of experts to assist us in completing the work of any type. Our services are not exclusively linked to translations. Our package is complete.


Mobile Platforms

Applications are numerous and rarely are specifically designed for the specific field. Since we offer creative translation and localization services for mobile platforms in most applications in English. It inspires us to share your objectives to involve more customers.


If you want software that people from all over the world can successfully use, your only choice is to locate it. This process can be facilitated by Word Point. We support a vast array of file types, such as resx files, .po, etc.

Your success is guaranteed with the product, that was created for a specific local market. Consider this:

72% of consumers state that they’d rather buy a product with the infomation on their native language, rather than the foreign one.

56% of consumers agree that finding information in a native language is more important than the price of a particular product.

74% of multinational companies consider increased revenues from global operations to be the most important