You’re a developer of a game? Whether your games are computer based, apps or for consoles does not matter, we would be delighted to work closely with your staff to the best possible location. It gives your team more time to do what it is best for your target group to create great games. You can take your video game text by our professional, certified traductors and traduce it to your language.

What is Game Localization really?

The text and voiceovers in your video games are translated to other languages. However, that’s just part of the picture. The understanding of your players is part of your experience. It isn’t just about finding corresponding words and sentences in a different language. Successful localization means that you translate culturally, casually, and slang in a way that even makes sense for your target audience. Pop-cultural references. The visual factors should then be taken into account.

In other words, some languages are more wordable than others. If translators are not careful, a single line on the smartphone may take two or three lines, written in French, if it is written in English. This can make your game darker with important visuals. This doesn’t create a great experience for users.

Game Localization From The Ground Up

From conception onwards, we would like to partner with game developers. This enables us to ensure that efforts to locate are part of the evolution process. Recall that the world becomes smaller and that the treatment of location is less and less feasible. Let us start with full game interpretation, voiceover, language testing, and asset integration from the earliest phases.

Game Localization Services Provided in All Areas

We know that your content is not only text and voice in the game. With translating your help files, menus, manuals and instructions, our team is fully able to help. Our traductors are certified and are able to interpret and translate technical content successfully to your local audience in a way that makes sense.

Let us Help You Write a Script That Works For Your New Target Audience

Translation and localisation of video games is both an art and a science for us. We will work with your developers and designers to create scripts and dialogs which are meaningful for your target audience. The point is, after all, to make the game as fun and a great experience. In some cases, this could mean keeping your original script very close. In other situations, it could mean a little creativity and a little script remove. We simply know that you and your audience like your vision as a priority.