If a person, company or organization needs translation services, there are many options. Thousands of them, both local and online, will result in a Google search. However, it is hard to know who are good and professional, as all of them have the same promise-expert translation and/or localisation from a personal letter to a highly technical or legal document, to apps, gaming, complex software and e-learning.

Indeed, few are truly successful for their customers, since most have business models that do not include policies and practices that guarantee high-quality products and services.

The Word Point Business Model

All the best is ensured by our important policies and practices. We have learned how to provide this for every client for many years in the translation business, and these are the practices that accomplish it.

  • We are Global

Our reach is wide and our customers spread around the world with professional translators in over 100 countries. Our expertise repertoire is continuously expanded to meet every customer’s needs.

  • We are Human

While many translation services are solely dependent on software, all projects / tasks are assigned to a person. This means that a human checks and reads it even when some technology is used. Software alone can not make a translation perfect, top quality and add the cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions.

Translators must also have industry and background experience if they are to meet their customer requirements. A medical device translator must therefore have a background in a medical device protocols and instructions. We make sure that such background is provided by a given translator.

  • Quality and Quality

Control Only team members–translators and administrators–have the best translation service. As an enterprise, we meet every quality standard EN 15038 and ISO 9001. ISO 9001 sets standards for business administration practices. EN 15038 is the European standardizing body for translation services. Our translators also receive certifications in their countries of origin and/or at local, state, regional or domestic levels. A separate proofreader reviews it before it is delivered to a customer to ensure further that any translation or localization works impeccably.

  • Personalized and Customized

Word Point considers that customer satisfaction is reached via the personal communication-between customer and management and translator-while many services receive orders, fulfill and deliver these orders without any personal contact between the customer and the company. We can provide our services online, but we never forget our customers are first people.

  • Fast Turnaround

Our customers set and fulfill their deadlines. When urgently needed deadlines are required, we often employ several translators who work together.

  • Our Process – Simple and direct

By selecting the requestedlanguage(s) and uploading their translations, customers place their commands on our website. We will provide a price quotation at this stage–this price will not change once the payment is made unless the customer adds to their initial order. We prefer a personal discussion for complex and long-running orders and ask our customers to telephone or chat with us live. Customers receive a verification order by email and the most appropriate translators are assigned. Once this is completed, customers and translators communicate directly. Customer approval or revision requests shall be provided for completed translations.

  • High Standards

Due to the continuing global march in nearly every sector–business, e-commerce, education, law, medicine, the arts, science and more–this industry has exploded in recent years. Translation services will only survive in the final analysis by maintaining the highest standards. With reasonable pricing and the best customer support in the industry, Word Point maintains these high quality standards.