Immunization Cards


Just imagine the scenario below. You have traveled to Asia with plans to visit several countries for three weeks. You have an amazing time. Then you will see a story about a certain outbreak of disease in the land that you are intending to visit one day when you are ready to fly from one magnificent country to another. However, you’re not worried. For that particular disease, you were vaccinated. So you go totally unconcerned to the airport. You stop at the gate. Then you stop. They do not let anyone who might be at risk to catch or carry this disease enter the country.

Your vaccine card will be pulled out. It is only in handwritten English that there is a problem. The airport staff are not sure how to accept this paper and are now stuck. All this could have been prevented if you had been thinking of having a certified translator translate your immunization card.

We hear every year of disease outbreaks throughout the world. In many cases, these diseases are vaccinated and you probably have most of them as a traveler. Unfortunately, you may have serious headaches if your vaccination card can not be read by officials at the airport, the medical professional, and others.

The good news is that your immunization card can be translated into almost 100 languages by In fact, a certified translator who is accurately aware of the acceptability of your country will complete that translation.

Here’s How it All  Works

Contact us and give us your current vaccination card and a list of countries you plan to travel as you plan your trip. This information will then be passed on to our natives who are skilled at translating and certifying each translation for you. When we are done, for each country you visit, you will have a copy of your vaccination card. Don’t forget to send your immunization cards if you travel with children and family members.

Is it Really Important to do This?

Absolutely! You can’t prove that you were immunized, and we have already said the drawbacks you might have. What if you got sick and couldn’t read your vaccination records at the hospital? This might delay treatment or end up in an isolation unit until it is demonstrated that other patients are not at risk. The documents you need in order are much better.

What Are Some Other Reasons For Getting My Immunization Card Translated

You’re a student? You may need your immunization records translated as part of your admission process if you plan to spend a term outside of Canada or attend school in a foreign country. The same applies to people in another country who are trying to obtain a job or internship. Have you a heart and mind devoted to serving others? You definitely have to get your shot documents translated and certified if you wish to volunteer in other countries.

Any More Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. We can answer your questions at any time of the day or provide you with additional information.