Anyone who works in his or her own language is aware of the complexity and the vocabulary of legal documents. For instance, buying a home means a legal mortgage loan that very few buyers understand and everyone with a court hearing an appeal, a brief or a decision will also understand that only people with a professional background can understand.

Legal documents are therefore a major challenge for translation services. Translators must also have a career background in law either in the career or university studies as well as a full know-how in their native languages. It’s difficult to find these translators, time and research is needed, let alone screening and interviewing.

As service providers, we took the time to conduct research, screen and conduct the rigorous interview process. The applicant has to demonstrate their expertise in legal translation as part of the application process. We know when we recruit a legal translator that he or she has the skills to compliance in his / her country and in his / her country of origin document with the high standards of the legal profession and legal authorities.

Our customers are lawyers, companies, e-commerce businessmen, producers, and other public / professional organizations which have global access. Based on their specific legal, language and background skills and specific sectors, our legal translators are appointed.

Types of Legal Translation Services Delivered

Here are the main sectors of legal industry where translation services are offered to our clients:

  1. Immigration

In this language they will be subject to a large number of legal documents that are needed to understand in immigrants who are seeking work permission, residency status and, ultimately, nationality in a country. For an applicant, this is often quite hard to provide evidence. It is very beneficial to have experts who are able to translate these documents to the full knowledge of immigrants. Every public immigration agency is now involved in the provision of certified legal document translation services.

  1. Laws

Laws are written and published in legal language in every country. Thus, until law is explained in simple language, not everyone can understand laws. Companies and organisations, in other countries where they intend to establish a presence both on-line and offline, require accurate interpretation of the law.

  1. Lawsuits

Individuals and companies may be engaged in legal proceedings in another country or need a court decision on a case to be understood. Legal translators can then provide accurate translations and summaries of court decisions in these instances.

  1. Regulations

Regulations are similar to legal proceedings, usually by law or by government executive orders. They also reflect legal language which has to be translated accurately to prevent misconceptions. A local, regional or national presence organization must follow all rules since ignorance is not taken as an excuse.

  1. Patents

Every country has different patent laws. When a company or a manufacturer uses patented products in another country, it is important to understand patent law in that country. An organization can misuse a product and violate a patent law without this understanding. Clear, comprehensible patent translations are preventing fines and legal proceedings.

  1. Business Law

Everyone in business in the US knows that business activities are covered by a vast body of law. Other countries also have them-laws governing indigenous companies and foreign enterprises entering their countries. With precise and careful interpretations of commercial law, pitfalls and consequences of violation for companies that want to enter foreign markets will be avoided.

  1. Contracts

Legal agreements between parties of various countries are contracts. Before they are signed, contracts should be translated and properly understood.

  1. Financial Agreements

It is critical that both parties fully understand any financial documents with banks, investment firms or other private entities. It is important to understand facts and figures -this is guaranteed by accurate translation.

Additional uses of legal translation services depend on the kind of organizations and companies involved in transactions with individuals and organisations.

Whatever the case, we will locate the perfect legal translator for the task – you can count on it.