Multimedia Localization

Multimedia Localization

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At Himalayan Translations we understand the amount of work that goes into every detail of television and media sound production, as a result we work hard to ensure our media transcription services preserve the value of every audible moment.

Our team of dedicated media transcribers are highly experienced in processing sound files for many leading production companies, PR agents, radio stations and media agencies. When we transcribe media, we take note of the emotive and descriptive power in each carefully curated feature. Our team are also able to distinguish and highlight dramatic techniques, such as dramatic pauses and emotionally charged dialog, turning them into accurate media transcripts to assist you in the editing process.

  • Copy typing – our specialist media copy-typists can quickly transcribe handwritten notes, reports and correspondence saving you valuable time and resources
  • Document amendment and reformatting – send us your documents with handwritten amendments on these, we will apply amendments in your house style and return completed version to you. Simply scan and email the document to us.
  • Document conversion – do you have a document in PDF that you require transferred to Word and reformatted, if so, then simply scan the document to us and we will do the rest.

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