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Professional proofreading of your papers – get help here! We edit all types of papers from general to legal in the language you require. Our experts correct the papers as quickly as you expect.


In the translation service industry, proofreading is a necessity for important reasons:

  1. If there are translation mistakes, an incorrect word or term could be offensive
  2. Mistakes might also provide incorrect instructions, and there could be serious consequences
  3. An individual or business reputation can suffer if translations result in poor wording or grammar

An example is here: the word’ once’ clearly means once in English. “Once” means 11 in Spanish. Therefore, if the medication is given once a day in English and a mistake is done in Spanish which says “once” that means 11 times a day. That was the real mistake one of our proofreaders found when we were sent a previously translated document by a pharmaceutical company.

We Translate and/or Proofread

We have qualified and certified translators and are experienced in a career or translation in certain niches. Based on this industry background, we assign translation papers only, as unique terminologies and phrases have to be correct.

As well, vocabulary and phrasing can vary due to regional differences within a country. We have to be mindful of that too.

The bottom line is this: Our mission is to provide a perfect translation, no matter what the business or organizational sector and no matter what regional colloquialisms might exist. As a result, we provide the following:

  1. Translation Followed by Proofreading: If translation service is provided by us, as soon as that project is completed, our Quality Control department provides a proofreader in the same language to review and edit the piece. Having a separate individual conduct the proofreading will further guarantee perfection. We do not have a translator both translate and proofread. It is too easy for mistakes to be overlooked.
  2. Proofreading Only: Often, individuals and businesses will send over already translated projects and documents and request proofreading only. We are readily available to provide this service and can meet even super urgent deadlines.
Professional stuff

While our translators all possess degrees and/or certifications, we look for a bit different skills for proofreaders.

  1. First, we require at least a Bachelor’s degree in the language itself. If, for example, a translation has been made from English to French, we want a native French-speaker who has majored in French in college. We then know that the proofreading will catch any errors in sentence structure, grammar, word usage, agreement, and verb use/tenses, as well as mechanics (e.g., punctuation).
  2. Second, we look for translators who have experience in specific sectors. Just in medicine, law, IT and engineering alone, there is terminology that is not commonly known by someone outside of those topics.

We were all frustrated to buy an item which must be assembled. If the product was produced in a country outside Canada, the instructions are usually in 3-4 different languages. The manufacturer has unfortunately relied on amateur translators and the instructions are confusing. If that manufacturer had used our proofreading services, it would have been perfectly understandable to have provided a single language trader. While a customer may not be aware of the perfect instructions, if they are bad, he or she is very angry and frustrated. Customers who are angry never work well.

Don’t Take Chances

You may have pamphlets, mailings, instructions, websites and/or complex / very technical documents that show perfect language skills. Work-flow errors are bound to occur in the course of normal translation. These errors will be eliminated when you use our translation and proofreading services.

The difference between first-rate translations and all the others is us. Give us a call and let’s get started on your first project today.