Technical Proofreading


The enormous growth of globalization has increased the need for manufacturers, technology and industry to enter new markets. It also means that in these markets they have to enter into relationships with producers, distributors, suppliers and contractors. It is also clear that in these new markets they will also get and retain their customers.

These firms must ensure that they translate their technical documents as precisely and professionally as possible to successfully navigate all of these things. That is why the Word Point is used by intelligent business professionals for all their technical translation needs. It is also why truly intelligent business professionals are also using these documents to verify their performance.

About Our Technical Industry Proofreading Services

We work with very talented and capable translators at But we also have translators who take on this role as well as magazines and newspapers employ proofreaders. It is their job to check the documents translated to make sure that they are free of any errors of spelling, grammar, syntax, mechanical, or formatting. This extra layer of surveillance is extremely important when handling technical documents where accuracy is crucial.

How it All Works

You have two options when it comes to the translation of your technical documents. The first and most affordable way to order revision services and our translation services simply is to order them. You will know that your completed documents have been translated expertly and then twice checked by one of our proofreaders when you receive them.

You can order independent proofreading services if you had already translated your documents by another service provider and if we had previously translated them for you. You will have to supply us with three items in this case. The documents you have translated, the original documents and any other requirements.

Documents That we Proofread

We have professionals that are able to proofread virtually any technical document that you bring to us. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Technical manuals

  • Help files

  • Schematics

  • Business plans

  • Marketing Copy

  • Training Materials

  • Business Plans

  • Safety Manuals

  • Labeling And Packaging

  • Software Documentation

Basically, if you are in the tech sector and need proofreading services, we can be of help to you.

Your Proofreader

We maintain very high standards for translators when we hire them. We maintain even higher standards for our proofreaders. They must not only have mastered the languages they use and must also have a great deal of detail, but also have an industry-related education and experience. Your editors will review your documents and check for mistakes on each line. You will then correct these mistakes to polish and perfect your document.

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Do not let employees, suppliers, customers or other employees see your important technical material until you know that they are right. Contact us today and our editors will work immediately on your documents.