Technical Translation

Tools and technology

Himalayan Translations works with all industry-standard CAT tools, such as SDL Trados Studio, memoQ and Across. These solutions entail clear advantages: greater translator productivity, thorough compatibility with common file types and authoring systems, cost savings through the use of translation memory technology for reusing existing translations and powerful quality control mechanisms.

Our internal DTP team is well-versed in the leading desktop publishing and authoring tools, and ensures that you receive your documents in the same format (including required layout adjustments) in which you submitted them.

Innovation represents a key component of the Himalayan Translations service strategy. Our engineers continually search for ways in which to optimize and automate processes. Thanks to this internally bundled expertise, we are able to handle complex orders with tight delivery schedules.

High quality standards and technical expertise

We provide certified translation services and specialist technical translators to fulfill even the most demanding customer requirements.

Important criteria for translating technical content include native-speaker proficiency in the target language as well as comprehensive knowledge of the relevant subject. Prior to engaging in cooperation, think global reviews whether translators possess the necessary industry expertise and qualification. Moreover, translators are continually subjected to linguistic quality control in order to ensure a consistently high level of quality in their work.

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