Himalayan Translations is a one-stop transcription services provider .  Our only transcribers come from a multitude of backgrounds to ensure that your transcript expectations are met. In fact, our goal is to provide professional transcription services to you by guaranteeing 98% accuracy for good audio.

100% native English Speaker

All of our transcribers are located in the U.S. or either in UK, allowing us to provide you with industry leading transcription quality. We never use non-human transcription methods such as robots and algorithms, as all of our transcribers are real people located within the United States.

98% Accuracy Guaranteed

Because we only hire U.S. based transcribers, Himalayan Translations guarantees at least 98% accuracy on all of your transcripts. All transcripts submitted by our transcriptionists are re-verified, proofread, and reviewed to ensure our high accuracy guarantee.

Wide Industry Experience

In order to guarantee a high accuracy for all transcripts, we hire transcriptionists from a variety of industry backgrounds. This allows us to provide a wider variety of transcription services while maintaining accuracy and fast turnaround time.


No other field demands as much linguistic and subject matter expertise to responsibly translate than the Life Sciences. Translations ABC Life Sciences Division provides premier localization services – delivering access to the global market.